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Regional Maslikhat Secretary

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Was born in 1959 in Timiryazev state-owned farm, Zhizak region, Republic of Uzbekistan. He graduated from Almaty Institute for National Economy with qualification: Economist.

He started his career in 1982 as an Agronomist-Economist at Shymkent Region Standards/Research Station. Served in the army, then worked ad Deputy Chief Accountant in”Kyzylkum” state-owned farm, Farish district, Zhizak region; a worker for topography/geodesy works in geodesy/exploration enterprise in Alma-Ata; an Auditor in Kazbytradiotechnica production association; Senior Auditor in “Guarant” production association, then Director of No2 branch of Centercredit bank. Since 1998, he has been Chairman of the Board of “Shardara HES” JSC. He has a family with two sons.

He has national awards: “Kurmet” Order, “Shapagat” Medal; Jubilee Medals: “10th Anniversary of Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “10th Anniversary of Astana”, “10th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “15th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “20th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. He was grsnted the honorary title of “Honored Power Engineer of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.  

Was elected member of the fourth South Kazakhstan region maslikhat, Chairman of Permanent Commission for Budget and Rural Area Development.

In January 2012, was elected member of fifth  South Kazakhstan region maslikhat from No.49 electoral constituency, Shardara district.

At the first session of the fifth South Kazakhstan region maslikhat, he was elected Secretary of South Kazakhstan region maslikhat.

Functional responsibilities

1) organizes the preparing for a session of maslikhat and issues to be considered, ensures drawing the minutes and, together with Chairman, signs the decisions and any other documents adopted or approved at the maslikhat session;

2) supports maslikhat members in their fulfilling their authorities, provides them with necessary information, reviews the issues related to relieving them from performing office responsibilities for participating in maslikhat sessions, in permanent commissions and other bodies, and in electoral constituencies;

3) controls the considering of members’ queries and applications; 

4) regularly submits to maslikhat information on electors’ applications and on measures taken thereon;

5) organizes interaction between maslikhat and local governance bodies;

6) issues directives on issues within his terms of reference;

7) coordinates activities of permanent commissions and other maslikhat bodies and groups;

8) represents maslikhat in relationships with government agencies, organizations, local governance bodies and public associations;

9) ensures publishing maslikhat decisiona, defines measures for control over fulfilment thereof;

10) performs any other functions prescribed by maslikhat.


citizens in South Kazakhstan Maslikhat


Kudaibergen YERZHAN 

Region Maslikhat Secretary

1st Wednesday in a month



Chairman of Permanent Commission for Social Development

2nd Wednesday in a month



Chairman of Permanent Commission for Citizens’ Rights Ensuring and Local Governance

3rd Wednesday in a month



Chairman of Permanent Commission for Rural Area

Development and Natural Resource Management

4th Wednesday in a month


Abilkassym DOSBOLOV 

Chairman of Permanent Commission for Budgwt and Economic Development

1st Thursday in a month



Chairman of Permanent Commission for development of entrepreneurship, construction and public utilities sector

2nd Thursday in a month



Visiting hours are from 16:00 at: 

10 Astana ave., Shymkent, South Kazakhstan Regional Maslikhat. 

Enqueries tel.: 24-74-00 



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