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“Мәңгілік ел” (“Everlasting Country”) means, above all, national unity, peace and consent.

We are living in a multi-ethnic state, and therefore must keep and strengthen spiritual unity, friendship and consent among our ethnic groups and confessions.

In South Kazakhstan region, over 100 ethnic groups are residing.  According to regional Statistics Department, total population of the region amounted to 2 788 404 in the year-beginning 2015.

The regional Assembly of Kazakhstan Peoples’ central membership is 23 persons.

On August 19, 2014, the South Kazakhstan Akim’s Resolution No. 264 “On Establishment of “Kogamdyk Kelissim”  state institution under regional Akim’s Administration” was enacted. 

Currently, the works are in progress in line with the enacted resolution No. 283 of September 8, 2014  “On reorganization of “Kogamdyk Kelissim”  state institution under regional Akim’s Administration” through attaching to it the state institution “S.Seifullin Peoples Friendship House” .

“Kogamdyk Kelissim” consists of:

- Division for Situation Monitoring and Analysis of Inter-ethnic relations;

- Research Coordination and Methodological Solutions Division;

- Division for Working with Ethnocultural Associations;

- Mass Public Events Organization Division.

 In the region’s territory, 20 ethnocultural associations and 51 branches thereof in towns and districts are active. Financial support is provided to them from regional budget. In addition, regional Akim’s grant is assigned and the  Akim’s “Bauyrmal” Award was established.

Ethnocultural associations participate in all the region’s important events. For all ethnocultural associations, the environment has been created for preserving and developing their native languages, culture and traditions.

With a view to ensuring the Assembly Secretariat’s performance, a number of measures have been taken:

  • For conducting events aimed at ensuring inter-ethnic consent in Kazakhstan, the funds from regional budget are assigned to regional Assembly Secretariat;
  • The regional Assembly Council was established;
  • Under the regional Assembly, the research-expert group was established, which includes scientists, representatives from ethnocultural associations, academia, mass media, and chiefs of local government agencies;
  • The regional maslikhat’s  “Yel Birligi” deputy group on issues of peace, public and inter-ethnic consent was established and the Regulation thereon was approved, as well as Action Plan:

The “Mothers Council” was founded under the regional Assembly. With a view to strengthening the institution of family and family values and culture heritage, to organizing the work with youths and improving inter-ethnic consent, the Mothers Council conducted festivals: “Family Hearth Happiness”, “Dearest Moms”; contests: “Motherland Begins from Family”, “Kazakh Daughters-in-Law”, and the training: “Enhancing the Institution of Family: the Vital Necessity”. They participated in the “Happy Family” contest and many other events.

  •  The Development Concept of Assembly of Kazakhstan Peoples, South Kazakhstan region  (towards 2020) was worked out and approved.
  • Since 2011, under the regional Akim and in all towns and districts, the public forums have been established and are active, named “Prosperity through Consent”.

The forum’s objective is to further improve the nation’s unity, to shape citizens’ political and legal culture, to establish close interaction between public institutions and local government agencies, and to prepare suggestions on topical issues relating to nation’s consolidation.

To date, over 200 events and 1000 meetings have been held in terms of the forum.

- Under South Kazakhstan State M.Auezov University, there is the “Dostyk” ( “Friendship”) Club, and under the No.8 school – the “Shanyrak” (“Home”) Club whose activity is aimed at bringing up a new Kazakhstani patriotism.

Currently, there are 12 TV channels, 3 radio, 9 web resources in the region. Periodicals include 175 newspapers and 37 magazines, of which 148 are published in Kazakh, 27 – in Russian, 9 – in Uzbek; 42 – in Kazakh, Russian and Turkish; 6- in Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek; 3-in Kazakh, Russian and English. Altogether, there are 236 mass media.

On local TV channels, the programs are shown with participation of heads of ethnocultural centers and such programs as “Kazakhstan is Our Common Home”, “My Motherland is the Land of happiness”, “ «Бүгінгі әңгіме», «Жастық жанары», «Ел сөзі», «Юртимиз жамоли», and there are  special columns in regional newspapers dedicated to inter-ethnic matters.

The regional “South Kazakhstan” newspaper monthly issues a special supplement named “Shanyrak” (“Home”) that covers history, traditions and culture of all ethnic groups residing in the region.

In the region, 1022 schools are functioning, of which 19 with Uzbek language of training, 4 – Tajik, 9 – Russian, and 249 mixed ones.

10 Sunday schools are currently functioning under the ethnocultural centers. Alongside with Sunday schools, there are Councils of Elders and youth branches under ethnocultural centers.

In the region, the”Kogamdyk Kelisim” state institution, Friendship Museum, and regional Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek drama theatres are active.

Traditionally, such events are held as: friendship festival, Christmas, international “Kazakh Romanciada” contest, “Squeezebox, play!”, “Sabantuy”, languages festival, “Ofarin”, “Maslenitsa” festival, Family festival,   Ethnic Groups’ Days, regional festival of German culture, Slavic written language and culture Day, and other events aimed at keeping inter-ethnic consent. Furthermore, for the purposes of promoting, developing and enlarging the sphere of usage of national language among other ethnic groups, the contests are conducted, such as «Мемлекеттік тілді білу парызың», «Көп тілді білу – баға жетпес байлық», «Тілдарын».

A positive role in enhancing inter-ethnic solidarity was played by actions and events in terms of mega project by Assembly of Kazakhstan Peoples named “Roadmap of Peace and Consent”. Altogether, the actions covered all the region’s towns and districts, the areas of compact settlement of certain ethnic groups.

As part of the nationwide action: “Assembly of Kazakhstan Peoples: 20 Good Deeds”, over 1500 events were held in the region, and financial assistance was provided to 1200 citizens.

Published on: 19.01.2016 - 17:24:40
Updated on: 15.12.2016 - 17:46:26
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