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Burgulyuk river runs along the gorge, on a stony channel, soaking vivifying force of mountain springs.

Its pure icy water nourishes lush green gorges, aeroionizes air, brings coolness. An extensive green cover of mountains, thickets of hawthorn, barberry, rose, apricot, apple trees, an abundance of conifers in a local park soak the air with phytoncide, which are bacteriostatic;

In general, the local air has a stimulating effect on the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, toning effect on central nervous system, helps to eliminate painful senses; Burgulyuk is a totality of factors such as the location in the mountainous area, a large number of sunny days, intermediate moisture, high air ionization of the air. Here are apple, apricot orchards, walnut grove, plenty of coniferous and decorative hardwood: Tien Shan spruce, pine, chestnut, plane trees, oaks, wild rose, barberry and others.


Published on: 26.09.2015 - 10:56:31
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Akimat of the Turkestan Region