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Condition of the natural objects of corresponding territories

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Eight government agencies for the protection of forests and wildlife under the jurisdiction of Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control of South Kazakhstan region was fixed the State Forest Fund with an area of ​​3,132,294 hectares, including forest area of ​​1,553,186 hectares. Therefore, the main focus is the implementation of measures for the protection of forests from unauthorized felling, forest fires and increase forest cover of land.

In order to fulfill the plan of measures for 2012-2014 for the reproduction of saxaul forests on state forest lands of South Kazakhstan region held in 2012 in Arys, Otrar, Sozak and Shardara state institutions was held sowing and planting of saxaul on an area of ​​17,000 hectares and was planted on an area of ​​forest plantations of 978 hectares of mountain and steppe zones. Compared to the year 2011 the volume of work increased for 15609ga.

Within the event plan "Zhasyl aimak" for 2011-2013 on gardening of South Kazakhstan region" approved by the decree № 85 of akimat of South Kazakhstan region on April 15, 2011 in settlements of the region in 2011 on 7205 hectares of land 3107.0 thousand pieces, and in 2012 on 7534 hectares of land 3164.4 thousand pieces of wood were planted.

Forest protection state institutions organized shows on television and radio 70 times on measures of forest protection from fires and their preventition.

A local radio and TV stations 70 times handed materials which extended 1600 pieces of booklets, published in local newspapers in Article 240.

Thanks to the above activities achived reduction of forest fires for 2 times in comparison with the previous years.

Forest protection in state institutions reported in 2012 forest control raids carried out 546 times on the territory of state, the identified 264 cases of violations of the law and violators fined in the amount of 1551,7 thd. tenge, 1378,6 thousand tenge was collected from them.

On the territory of Turkestan state institutions in Syrdara complex nature reserve on the floodplains of the river Syr Darya on the introduction and cultivation of Bukhara deer received 8 goals litter size and number of reindeer increased to 54 goal at the reporting year. As a result of the introduction 24 heads of Bukhara deers released to riparian forests.

On the basis of the decision of the akimat of the South-Kazahstan region dated September 5, 2012 № 264 it was created municipal government institutions "Syrdarya Turkestan State Regional Natural Park" with a total area of 119,978.4 hectares of state forest, with structural units of Syrdarya branch of 47265.4 hectares, Turkestan branch of 36458 hectares, Boralday branch of 36255 hectares of land.

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