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On development program in the sphere of education

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In 2011 to the sphere of knowledge 122,479,0 mln. tenge were allocated in the region, and allocated funds in 2012 compared to the previous year by 15,9%, i.e. 145 739 5 mln. tenge, including from the republican budget 2011 were allocated 20391,0 mln. tenge, and 22,076,2 mln. tenge in 2012.

In 2011 to the Regional Department of Education 22,881, 5 tenge were allocated from the republican and regional budget and 100% was mastered. 33,315,4 mln. tenge were allocated in 2012, 33,289,9 tenge of which were mastered by 99,9%, 25,5 mln. tenge for objective reasons in the conclusions of state procurements were saved.

In 2012, the material and technical base of schools has improved. To this end, 11,200 computers for 1,0 bln. tenge were purchased, if up to that moment one computer were distributed to 16 students, but now this figure has decreased in numbers by 13 pupils, and increased compared to the average republican indicator.

Also 931,3 mln. tenge was allocated to education from the regional budget for the procurement of funds, and 3908,7 tenge were allocated for 104 schools to carry out construction works of buildings.

Pre-school education and training

In 2010 in pre-school education system 420 pre-school organizations were functioned covered with 41 992 children aged 1-6 years, 41492 children aged 3-6 years, and amounted 30,4%.

The conclusion of 2012 in accordance with "Balapan" program in 1128 pre-school institution among children 116 371 children aged 1-6 years (35,9% of 1-6 years) were covered, 107216 of 3-6 years, it was 61,3%, and compared to 2012 the program index increased for 0,5%.

Compared with the 2010-2011 years, the coverage of pre-school education children has increased by 30,9% or by 65 724 children. (compared with 2011it has increased by 6,7%, i.e. 20,281 more children)

To place the state order in private pre-schools.

In 2010 the number of pre-schools was 420, in 2012 - 1128, the number of organizations increased by 62,2%, 293 organizations of which are private, where 26,995 children are bringing up.

Preparation for UNT 2013.

In order to reach a high indicator on UNT the main task is retraining of teachers and therefore to increase education quality.

The expertise of subjects was conducted which in the last year in the results of UNT pupils scored less number of points and joint works with Retraining centers are conducted.

In particular:

On the base of the Institute of Almaty city on retraining of managers and scientific-pedagogic employees – 352 heads of pedagogic personnel (directors);

“Orleu center of retraining” branch of JSC, in the retraining institute of pedagogic employees of South-Kazakhstan region 819 pedagogic employees passed 3-months and 7890 employees 2-weeks course of retraining. “Nazarbayev Intellectual school” with the centers of personal retraining with pedagogy personnel 975 (on the base of State Pedagogy Institute of South Kazakhstan Region), 300 employees from Oskemen, in Taraz city 3-months retraining courses will be conducted. It is 20% of teachers across the region. As well as  city and district. 

As well as methodological rooms of the city and district departments of education, the teachers pupils of whom got low points, in methodological aids and regional seminars were conducted. In the current year in the purpose of works strengthening for preparation to UNT, preparation web-sites were opened with the leading high education institutions.

For example, Kazakh-National University created a web-site,  South-Kazakhstan State University created web-site, and senior classes use and prepare for exams.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK №57 dated February 21 on “Conduction of contests for the heads in state secondary educational institutes”, a special commission is created in administration in order to select directors of schools. Here before participation in the contest knowledge of a candidate is considered.

Each half-year in the purpose of control of city and district educational departments, report of works of the departments is conducted and for what the Rating Indicator was created in the regional education administration.

And in order to reach the state program among the heads of city and district educational departments, directors of schools and among regional educational administration a special Instructions were prepared taking into consideration the end of study year, heads of the educational organizations were given marks and measures were taken accordingly. Here we confined that each manager should realize the responsibility and increase education quality.  Because, at the beginning of the year he determines with aim should he reach. 

These conducted measures will show their results in the future.

Achievements in the sphere of education.

It should be noted that in 2012 the students achived good results. In the Republic Olympiad on the main subjects the students of the region took 2 golden, 7 silver, 11 bronze medals, and in total team of the South-Kazakhstan region for the first time ever got the third prize place. It is a big achievement if compare with previous periods from 1998 to 2012 years.

In 2012 «e-learning» electronic learning system was implemented in all planned 68 educational institutions. For today all schools are connected to the base of National Educational System of e-learning.

School greenhouses.


According to Your instructions 1019 provincial schools in 443 schools with the presence of school territory and water construction works on creation of greenhouses are conducted.

Information about the works conducted in 2012 of technical and professional institutions.

     In connection with the changes in the "Law on Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" according to the Decree of the regional Akimat 27 specialized lyceums were reorganized into colleges. Now there are 44 public colleges, 50 - private, 94 - all, colleges, where 75,645 students are studying.

According to the installation approved by the Resolution № 3 dated January 24, 2011 Regional Akim of the Department of Education for the implementation and development of the state order in the technical specialized educational institutions for 2012 – 2013study years state application was submitted by 97 specialties on 12714 seats for the consideration of industrial council. According to the results of which 4861 seats were allocated to vocational schools and 2435 seats to the colleges. In Shymkent, Turkestan and Sairam and Sozak on request industrial  organizations 9 new specialties were opened.

According to the program "Road Map" and "Work provision - 2020" in 2012 in 32 professional institutions of the region 10825 students were studied, from 3400 graduates 2890 (83%) were employed, although "Road map" program prescribed only 30% employment. Number of studied specialists is 7,425 to date, 3,500 of which enrolled in the 2012-2013 academic year.


In 2012, from 7385 graduates studied by the state order were employed 6783 people, that is 91,8%, which is 3,7% more than in 2011.

Education quality increase.

As a result of independent quality knowledge assessment of graduates of professional colleges and lyceums held by the MES RK in 2012, our region has taken 1st place in the country, with the index of 94.1%, a similar figure in 2010 was 88.1%.

   As for the dual learning system in professional education institutions, then in 4 large industrial enterprises educational centers were opened to guide the practice of the right specialists. Also regional competition called "Master-2012" on construction, agricultural, technical and service industry training in two stages was held, where the winners received 1st place will take 1 million tenge, 2nd place – 360000, 3rd place 240000 of money reward.

Since competitiveness of professionals is determined by the level of knowledge, in the course of the year innovative, technical, scientific, creative conferences were held by 10 specialties, as a result of which 8 collections of books will be issued, where more than 300 best scientific works are represented.

   In order to improve the knowledge of teachers and their possess of the latest technologies for rural economic sector Education Department is working together with KazNat Agrarian University on a contractual basis.

    At the present time specialized lyceum №23 in the village of Ikan within two years of gardening in the land area plot of 5 hectares, with a grant in the amount of 150,000 tenge for each hectare of land. By the same project specialized lyceum №16 has been occupied with gardening in the land area plot of 20 hectares in the city of Shardara.

1.Educational work

For the prevention of delinquency among adolescents and the proper use of free time during the autumn, winter, spring and summer holidays among newcomers, thanks to your initiative it has been allocated (for every 5 event by 25 million tenge) from the regional budget by means of which events were held where 4,000 children were participated. This shows the great interest of children, for example, compared with the previous year the number of participants of the event increased 3 times. Thanks to the care of the regional akim to conduct educational activities of budget funding is increasing every year. In 2013, 200 million tenge provided.

2. Prevention of violations and crime among children and youngsters

Today, it is the need for the distribution of funds of the regional budget in the amount of 188, 25 mln. tenge for the introduction of pilot project for the information-communication-telecommunication system in 3 schools and 3 colleges of Shymkent city by District Department of Education. When implementibg that pilot project, parents and teachers will be able to get information about classroom attendance, progress and behavior of the pupils through video observation, sms, turnstiles.Also video surveillance cameras are installed in secondary schools in order to prevent drug addiction, gang fights, raise money among children and adolescents. Currently, video surveillance system installed in 83 schools and 7 non-school insitutions of Shymkent and in 83 schools of districts. In 173 schools in the region.

3. Psychological service

When in November 2011 in 1017 schools from 1279 educational psychologist - 68% did not work in their specialty, but now teachers of psychology has become for 157 more likely, totally 1436 teachers of psychology are working in. Despite written comments of District Education Administration 3%, i.e. 43 psychologists are not specialists in schools of the region (Kentau-1,Turkestan-3, Baidibek-10, Maktaaral-5, Оrdabasy-14, Saryagash-4, Tolebi-2, Shardara-4)

According to the proposal of the Regional Akim Myrzakhmetov A.I. directed at MES RK where it was proposed to close the distance learning of teacher-psychologists. By the Order №40 dated February 8, 2010 MES RK the distance learning of "Pedagogy-psychology" specialty was closed. Also District Department of Education has set a task for all schools to open psychological rooms. In the result of this work, 598 psychological rooms were equipped in the past year, today they are 800, i.e. the number has increased to 202. Although the work of psychologists of schools leaves something to be desired. To solve this problem intervention of the akims of districts and towns is required.

3.1. Children’s officer

   In the result of joint work with the Department of Internal Affairs in 1019 schools 213 children’s officer are working.


4.Health promotion.

In the summer of this studying year 19 health camps were functioned. In the region coverage of 16,000 students was scheduled, but 1564 students have rested. This represents 3,2% of pupils of 1-10 grates.

There are 80% of students were engaged in all types of summer vacation (school camps, planting, maintenance, hiking tour, schoolyard playgrounds), and in the town camps only 3,2% of children improved their health. This figure is low.

5. Non-school institutions.

There were 41 of non-school institurions in 2011 in the region. In accordance with Your task Regional Administration of Education requested District and city akims about the possibility and opening of "Station of young tourists", yard clubs, project clubs. In the result of it, by January 2013 their number was 50, which makes 6,6% coverage of children.

Education workers were assigned major tasks of the program of education development for 2011-2020 years and to meet the challenges set out in the Address to the people of the head of state – President of RK Nursultan Nazarbayev "Kazakhstan-2050". Our country has all opportunities to perform these tasks.

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