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Instruction pumphlet on religion for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan going abroad for study

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Instruction pumphlet on religion

for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan

going abroad for study  


Astana - 2014

Dear fellow citizens!   

You have to make a fateful choice of your future profession which allow you to be fulfilled in the society, to serve your Motherland, to become a successful and self-sufficient personality.

Your choice is studying abroad that is a responsible step and put significant moral responsibilities.

Being in the foreign country with its own traditions and customs, political system and public relations system, one should clearly realize and remember that he represents his own country, he is a carrier of its authentic culture and spiritual values. Your behavior there and deeds will be evaluated and the image of Kazakhstan will be formed in the eyes of foreign society. 

It is important to follow common norms of ethics and moral, respectfully appertain local customs and traditions of the state of residence. Nevertheless, when you get close with other culture and spiritual environment, remember that You are a representative of accomplished secular state developing by it own model of development.   

The given document recognized to orient Kazakhstanis on correct behavior abroad and necessary actions in the different life situation, also allows to adjust in other country.

RULE № 1

Before departing abroad for the university entry it should be checked whether it has an official status, to get information about it through the Internet (web-sites, recommendations), to get necessary additional information in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RK, Ministry of Education and Science of RK and Embassy of its country accreditated in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Individuals intending to receive a muslim spiritual education should preliminary get consultation in Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazahstan.

Individuals intending to receive a christian spiritual education should preliminary get consultation in Metropolitan circuit of Eastern Curch of Kazakhstan.

RULE № 2

Before departing abroad it should be written all contact information of embassies and consulate organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of studying. All information is given on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RK

It is necessary preliminary to get information on upcoming country of residence, including:

- social and political situation,

- on undesirability of departure to another country of the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in relation to complicating situation (information can be received in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RK),

- legislation of the country, including in the part of  religion and state-confessional relations,

- specifics and peculiarities of the behavior culture in the given society, in educational institutions, in social places and etc.,

- religion status, confessional content and peculiarities of the state structure and etc.

RULE № 3

Upon arrival to the foreign country during 1 month one should register in the Embassy or consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is necessary to support a regular connection with the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of studying, to participate in social-cultural events organized by them as far as possible.

It is necessary to get coinside and support relations with other Kazakhstani students studying in that country. It is also necessary to get to know the contacts of emergency services of the country of residence (emergency, police, fire service, emergency service and etc.)   

RULE № 4

While being abroad it is necessary to keep diligence and follow correct behavior.

Be attentive and careful with new acquaintance. Do not complete any questionnaries and other forms with personal information proposed by unknown people on the streets or other public places.

Also it is necessary to refrain from contact with representatives of different non-government funds and organizations, including religious proposing gratuitous material aid and other haunting free assistance.

RULE № 5

In the process of the main study you should not visit any additional education cources, lectures, practical classes out of the territory of IHL organized in particular with local and foreign religious evangelist and non-official spiritual leaders.

You should not talk with unknown people on religious themes. In case if you proposed different religious literature as pamphlets, magazins, brochures, books and etc. by strangers, including children on the streets and other public places you have to refuse them politely.

RULE № 6

It should be talen into consideration that some religious organizations abroad sometimes hide behind society names. For example, the other side of invitations for free English, psychology, personal development, Koran study, Arab language courses can be extremistic organizations enrolling people not profaned in their range.

Attraction of new members also made in the form of activity named “ecology forums”, “communication school”, “speaking art courses” and etc..

You should keep from multiple insistent invitations to visit the objects of any religious organizations in the country of study.

You should not listen, and watch audio or video materials with evangelic representatives of religious organizations prohibited on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Information on prohibited religious organizations by judicial means constantly updated on the site of the Committee of Religion Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan

RULE № 7

In case if such situations as arrest by the local law inforcement bodies, compulsion or threat from the side of religious organization or sects, conflicts on the religious ground or other will arise, you should promptly inform the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of residence .

You should not sign any protocols and other documents on foreign language at the absence of consulate organization or embassy staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

RULE № 8

During studying in the foreign country you have to follow its laws and norms which are have to be observed.

Ignorance of laws of the country of residence does not exept from responsibility for violation.

RULE № 9

The list of religious associations prohibited under the decision of the court throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan should be known. They are:

1) «Al-Qaeda»;

2) «Islamic movement of East Turkestan»;

3) «Islamic movement of Uzbekistan»;

4) «Kurd People’s Congress» («Congra-Gel»);

5) «Asbat al-Ansar»;

6) «Muslim brothers»;

7) «Taliban» movement»;

8) «Boz gurd»;

9) «Zhamaat of mujahids of the Central Asia»;

10) «Lashkar-e-Taiba»;

11) «Social Reforms Association»;

12) «Om Shinrikye»;

13) «Organization of East Turkestan Release»;

14) «Islamic Party of Turkestan»;

15) «Hisb-ut-Tahrir»;

16) «Tabligi Djamaat»;

17) «Khalifat soldiers»;

18) «Алля-Аят»;

19) «Атажол» (Ак жол);

20) «Сеним. Билим. Омир».

21) «Ат-такфир уаль-хиджра»

The given list is always updated on the site of the Committee on Religion Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan

RULE № 10

Features, which help to recognize a destructive religious sect:

1. Exceptional importance of a leader and his group in comparison with a personality of believer.

2. Forwardness to control thoughts and behavior of organization members from the side of the leader. Regulation of their everyday life. Limitation of the received information and control over it.

3. Goal-oriented mutilation of the holy texts of world and traditional religious “fitting” them under their dogmas. Blaming world and traditional religious in divergence from the “true doctrine”. “Translation” of canonical texts on “new” language.    

4. Active and permanent recruitment of new members.

5. Usage of special techniques of mind control and programming for “cultural mentality” production of believers. Usage of psychological tricks. 

6. Availability of double learning: for the boundary circle and for dedicated ones. Withholding of true aims and consequences of their activity from the common adepts.

7. Strict hierarchy inside the organization.

8. Compliant on uniqueness, choosiness of thei members in compliance with other people.

9. Availability of the exceptional culture language. Usage of a special vocabulary and words, odd for exoterics (“new speak”).

10. Orientation on the group and its leader, where leader is out of the critics, possesses an absolute authority and power; free from the responsibility to follow cultural rules; sets up a strategy and format of community work, hardly keeps down any nonconformity; carries out a total control of the thoughts, feelings and behavior of his adepts.

RULE № 11

You can recognize an involvement of people in your company into the destructive communities by the following features:

1. Change of interests in studying. The person has less interest in studying, future profession, beсomes indifferent to communication with friends, stops communicate with relatives, shows indifference to the knowledge, to the habitual entertainments, hobbies.

2. Change of behavior. The person reacts inadequately or sometimes aggressively on daily habitual staff, shows underlined indeffernce to everything. Becomes more self-contained, dishonest, more emotionally mean or vice versa too much emotionally, exalted, shows unexplained enthusiasm, ready to sacrifice for new deal.

3. Change of speaking. The person uses new, undistinctive quotes, words, expressions; quotes unusual, strange words; changes the manner of talk, speech is repeated, drearness, monotony are shown in the voice.

4. Change of habits. The person keeps unusual to date dietary regime, changes a clothing style; devotes a lot of time to reading of religious books, eagerly does meditation or reads devotional texts.

5. Change of lifystyle. In spite of that communication with friends and colleagues is limited, the person has a lot of calls, letters, meetings, all possible unplanned meetings, seminars and etc. The trips throughout the country or abroad not related with study in University may occur. 

6. Increase of unreasonable expenses,  quickening of loans of money.The person has more expences, significantly exceeding his usual household need in food, purchase of educational literature, clothes, transport, cultural leisure, lessons in sport sections and etc.

In general, finding out of the given changes gives a ground to consider that may be it was the fisrt contact of a person with destructive religious group.

In the given case measures of private security should be taken and make to know the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of residence.

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