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New direction of “Business Road Map -2020” program is directed on training of entrepreneurs

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It is half a year has already passed when “Business road map 2020” program directed on support of entrepreneurs of small and medium business started in our Republic. From 2011 to the addition of existed types of support of the Program of the Government of Kazakhstan approved a new direction. 

The fourth direction of “Business road map 2020” program henceforth is calling – “Strenthening of entrepreneurship potential”. It means support of the beginning entrepreneurs, service support of acting business support, learning of top-management of small and medium business, training and retraining of personnel according to the popular specialists on the market, organization of “Youth practice”, and modernization oand widening of production by means of setting the business connections with foreign partners.

It is interesting to note that official operator of the fourth direction in South Kazakhstan region as before “Damu “ entrepreneurship development fund” JSC, except for training and retraining of personnel according to the popular specialists on the market, organization of “Youth practice” – in this part Entrepreneurship and Industry Administration of South Kazakhstan region will help entrepreneurs and young people.

Support of beginning entrepreneurs within “Business road map 2020” program includes short-term entrepreneurship training in our country, provision of standard package of documents (business plan, incorporation documents and etc.) on free basis, provision of typical set of marketing research, provision of access to the united information base on produced and procured goods, works and services in Kazakhstan. In South Kazakhstan region training of around 1050 entrepreneurs planned for 2011 year.

In the part of service support maintenance of the business this year consulting service will be provided to the acting entrepreneursof South Kazakhstan region in the sphere of accounting and tax record, on custom procedures, on implementation of quality management system, on markening issues, and in the sphere of information technologies and juridical proficiency on the free basis.

Training of top-managers (managers of the top and medium gang) of small and medium business will be directed on implementation of new models of building a successful business, development of the effective management skills by organization and solving of strategic and tactical business-tasks. The training will be conducted on the base of business school of “Nazarbayev University” JSC with the participation of foreign training centers. Entrepreneurs of South Kazakhstan region now have an opportunity on the free bassis to pass a business course and improve their knowledge in the sphere of business maintenance.

By the training completion entrepreneurs have an opportunity of creation, or development of their business plans and may participate in the internship by “Business connections” project. “Business connections” project will be realized by two stages: first – on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan; second – abroad. In the process of learning the project participants will develop business plans of development of their enterprises under the management of foreign and local business-trainers. The second stage prescribes for the project participants a thematic business- internship abroad, including for business communications establishment with foreign partners. Such international and foreign organizations as European Union, USAID, KOICA, LSA, German Center of the International Cooperation.   

In order to participate in one of the programs of the fourth direction of the “Road Map”, entrepreneurship of South Kazakhstan region should address to the Entrepreneurship and Industry Administration, or to the regional branch of “Damu” entrepreneurship development fund” JSC and submit application for participation. But an obligatory condition while participation in the program “Business road map 2020” (in all directions) – correspondence of Your company activity to the priority sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

With compliments to Your business and home,

Regional branch of “Damu” Entrepreneurship development fund of South-Kazakhstan region” JSC

Senior manager of “Business Road Map-2020” program realization -

Anel Abrekovna Ospanova

Contact information: tel. 54-94-02

Published on: 28.09.2015 - 11:17:17
Updated on: 18.05.2016 - 11:56:52
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