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Sairam-Ugam State National Park

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The territory of Sairam-Ugam State National Park occupies the north-eastern position in the system of Western Tien Shan and presented with mountain ranges like Ugam, Karzhantau and Boraldaytau, as well as the north-western spurs of the Talas Alatau. Ugam, Sayramsu, Kaskasu, Burgulyuk, Badam, Mashat and Kokbulak rivers flow on the territory of the park. The park has 7 natural zones, beginning from mountain steppe to alpine, where meets 1635 species of plants, 59 species of mammals and 300 species of birds. The species composition of the vegetation of the park is unique. There are 240 species of plants listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Especially it can be emphasized that virtually all endangered species are rare. Sogdian ash, wild grapes, currants Yancheuski iris Alberta very rare ones are represented by only a few samples. The most notable feature of the Western Tien Shan is also the dispersal of many species of wild relatives of cultivated plants - apples, pears, plums, grapes, walnut, onion and tulip. Fauna of the park is also diversive. Bears, wolves, wild boars, mountain goats, deer, badgers and porcupines - usual inhabitants of the park. Graceful Karatau argali guests in spring on the southern parts of Boralday ridge. It is very rare to see the most cautious citizens of the park - snow leopard and Turkestan lynx. The vegetation cover, wildlife, diverse terrain, rivers, waterfalls and mountain lakes create picturesque, unique landscapes possessing enormous recreational potential. In the park you can see the places of worship, petroglyphs, ancient settlements and burial of various historical periods, but on the whole its cultural landscapes are still poorly studied, and waiting to be explored. Mountains of the Western Tien Shan is a unique world of wildlife.

High snow-capped peaks, where stands the peak of Sairam (4236 meters above sea level), turquoise alpine lakes and among them Makpal Lake - pearl Ugam (2100 m), clear rivers and springs water, bizarre rock Kyrykkyz - Forty girls, fabulous Greig tulip and much more. The mountains are the "green heart" of a vast territory, where more than one million people live. Mountain forests regulate the water flow, enrich the air with oxygen and phytocide. They protect from rain and spring floods, slow snowmelt, transfers land runoff into subsurface, prevents the formation of landslides and soil erosion. The mountains provide the population of Shymkent and adjacent districts with water resources and especially with high-quality drinking water. This is an invaluable gift of nature, which deprived many residents of the steppe and desert areas of Kazakhstan, and hundreds of millions of people around the world who are forced to buy water. The biological diversity of the mountains - is the most valuable wealth that will ensure the development of future generations, and will keep the gene pool of various kinds. Sairam-Ugam National Park was opened in 2006. Its area is 150 thousand hectares.


Sairam-su is one of the most picturesque valleys of our region. A lake of glacial origin is located at the 2350 m. elevation. The basin has a guitar shape. The water in the lower lake of turquoise color is very cold and replenished from a powerful underground springs. Interestingly, the color of the lake is clearly divided on the transparent blue and turquoise. And, these colors are clearly seen in any weather. There is a legend on this occasion. In ancient times, people lived in the high mountains. And, as usual, the daughter of the head of the tribe since infancy was betrothed to a rich khan. The daughter of mountains and steppes grew up beautiful and free, proud and strong. It is about time, she fell in love with a young man, a shepherd of a kind. They decided to ask the blessing of parents. But the girl's father was angry. He demanded to do her duty and marry a rich khan. It is not happening! - I decided a proud girl. And late at night, they escaped together with his lover away from their native village. Old grandmother of her blessed them, and gave a turquoise ring and snake bracelet as a gift to the bride. She was asked to use the gift only if the most dire need. Lovers ran away during the night, but the angry father came up her unruly daughter. Then the girl threw her turquoise ring on the ground and on that place the lake was formed with water of amazing malachite color. Pursuit was detained. But gorge voice of an angry father sounded in the mountains – Curse you! The heavy groan came around, and the earth trembled, and the rocks fell down from the mountain tops, blocking the path of the escapees. The last effort, knocking the blood hands and feet, they clambered over the rocks. But the chase was getting closer and closer. Then lovers stopped, embraced tightly and swore to each other never to part. The girl took off her bracelet and threw it in front of her. And new lake appeared in that place in the form of eight symbolizing infinity. Since love is infinite, but it is equally infinite a parental authority over children and the power of the word. And for many years now turquoise water (girl’s) and transparent blue (boy’s) is merged. And lake can not be divided into two halves, so eternally one souls of lovers, which gave the beginning to this lake.

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