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Socioeconomic development

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Main conclusions of socioeconomic development of the South-Kazakhstan region for January-August of 2015

Industry. In January-August of 2015 the volume of production of industrial products is 399,3 bln. tenge, to the relevant period of a previous year the physical volume index was 104,3%.  

In the mining sector, whose share in the total industrial production of the region amounted to 27,0%, produced goods to 107,8 bln. tenge and decreased production volumes by 35,7%.

In the manufacturing industry (62,9% share) volume index was 97,5%, the volume of production – 251,1 bln. tenge.

The amount of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning was 33,4 bln. tenge, or 76,3% compared to last year, in “water supply, sewerage system, control over the collection and distribution of waste” industry amount of work amounted to 7 bln. or 107,1%.

From basic products production of cotton fabrics - by 15,1% (14,6 mln. square m.), cotton yarn - by 41,1% (7355 tons), milk - by 8,1% (12.6 thd .tons), Portland cement - by 103,0% (1345,3 thd. tons) was increased. At the same time, a decrease in volumes of production of flour - by 8,5% (502,5 thd. tons were produced), cotton fiber - by 26,7% (16.4 thd. tons), ready-mix concrete - by 20,6% (510,3 thd. tons), kerosene - by 25,1% (151,8 thd.tons), oil - by 27,1% (545,3 thd. tons.), gas oil – 18,5% (719 8 th.d tons), gasoline – 23,4% (569,9 thd. tons) was noted.

Agriculture. The volume of gross agricultural production in the whole region was 156,6 bln. tenge, which is 4,0% more than the corresponding period of 2014.

The volume of livestock products amounted to 103,7 bln. tenge or 103,7% to the corresponding period of 2014, the volume of crop production – 52,4 billion tenge, or 104,6%.

In all categories of farms in the region 126 thd. tons of meat (live weight) were sold, 498,7 th. tons of milk, 199.3 mln. chicken eggs were produced, or, respectively, 104.9%, 101.3%, and 106, 4% to the corresponding period in 2014.

As of September 1, 2015 in all categories of farms the number of cattle amounted to 881.6 thousand units, or 102.2% to the corresponding date of the last year, sheep - 3917.4 thousand heads, or 104.2%, goats - 348.5 thousand units, or 97.1%, horses - 227.6 thousand units, or 109.9%, camels - 23,7 thousand units, or 107.5%, pigs - 31.3 thousand heads. or 128.8%, poultry - 2314.2 thousand heads, or 103.2%.

Transport and communication. All types of transport, except for the train, transported 95.6 mln. tons of cargo and 1474,1 mln. passengers, or, respectively, 105.8% and 102.6% over the same period of the last year.

The volume of cargo transportation on the air transport increased by 11.6%, increase in passenger traffic by 0.8%. As a result, 653 tons of cargo and 885.4 thd. passengers were transported.

The sales volume of communication services in comparison with the same period in 2014 increased by 6.4% and amounted to 7.1735 bln. tenge. At the same time, the share of services rendered to the population amounted to 61.6%.

The largest share in total revenues accounted 26.7% for local telephone communication, 7.0% - international, long-distance telephone communications, 42.0% - providing access to the Internet.

Small entrepreneurship. The number of small and medium-sized businesses operating in the market area was 187.8 thd. units, or 97.9% on September 1, 2015 to the corresponding date in 2014.

In January-March 2015 small business entities produced goods (works, services) for 98.1 bln. (102.9%), the number of employed amounted to 261.4 thd. people (97.8%).

Investment sphere. The total investment in fixed assets, taking into account revaluation surplus are 225.8 bln. tenge or 91.2% to the corresponding period of 2014.

Main investments carried out small businesses amounted to 157.7 bln. tenge or by comparison with the corresponding period of 2014 by 8,5% higher.

State budget funds amounted to 70.5 bln tenge, the share - 31,2%, own funds - 110.1 bln. tenge, the share – 48,8%. Leverage ratio was 20.0%, or 45.2 bln.

Investments priority branches are industry, as well as transport and storage, whose share in the total volume of investments amounted to 38.9% and 25.2%, respectively.

Housing construction development. In January-August 2015 for housing construction were spent 12,7 bln. tenge of investments, or 79% of the corresponding period of the last year.

The total area of housing was 236,6 thd. square m., or 106,8% to the corresponding period of the last year.

The foreign trade turnover of the region amounted to 1,821,5 mln. US dollars in January-July 2015, or 70,9% compared to January-July 2014, including exports, respectively – 907,8 mln. US dollars or 68,9%. import – 913,7 mln. US dollars or 73,1%.

Export from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union amounted to 277,2 mln. US dollars (or 115.6%)., import – 219,8 mln. US dollars (or 83.7%)..

Fiscal. On September 1, 2015 revenues of taxes and other payments to the state budget amounted to 133,3 bln. tenge or 99,2% compared to the last year, by 9,3% more than planned.

In the national budget 71,0 bln. tenge (53,3% of total income) were received, or, respectively, 86,1% and 11,6% more than planned.

The local budget received 62,3 bln. tenge, or 119,9% compared to the last year, and 6,8% more than planned.

Credit-money sphere. As of August 1, 2015 the second tier banks granted loans totaling 124,9 bln. tenge, which is 14,3% less than at the same date in 2014, including 2,7 bln. tenge granted for mortgage lending or 25,1% less.

Loans granted for small and medium-sized businesses accounted for 24,0 bln. tenge or 90,4% of the corresponding period in 2014.

Second-tier banks allocated credit funds, mainly to individuals for consumer purposes and certain other types of services – 58,7% of total loans, for the development of industry – 18,7%, trade – 16,3%, agriculture – 0,3% of construction – 4,3%, transport – 1,7%.

The volume of deposits in the banks amounted to 133,3 bln. tenge, or 9,9% more than in the corresponding period in 2014. 56,6% of the population investments - in foreign currency.

Prices. The consumer price index in August 2015 to December 2014 was 101,9%. Food prices increased by 0,7%, non-food products by 1,0%, paid services by 4,2%

At the food market noted prices growth for granulated sugar by 3,2% and minced meat by 2,4%.

Prices on office supplies of the non-food goods increased by 3,4%, on teaching reference books by 11,9%.

The price of network gas in the sphere of paid services has increased by 15%, 14,4% for the hot water.

Social welfare of the population. On September 1, 2015 the number of poor people amounted to 1562 people, or 0,06% of the population of the region.

Targeted social assistance was received by 2216 citizens in comparison with the corresponding period of the last year it decreased by 2606 people.

Benefits for children under 18 years old were received 310,2 thd. children, or more than 42,5 thd. people.

Housing assistance was paid to 6206 families, or less than 174 families.

Demography. The population of the area on August 1, 2015 amounted to 2819,3 thd. people (on 1 August 2014 – 2766,9 thd people), including urban population – 1265,3 thd. people (44,9%), agriculture – 1554,0 thd. people (55,1%)..

Employment. The economically active population number in the region in the IІ quarter of 2015 amounted to 1233,4 thd. people, the number of unemployed – 65,9 thd. people, the overall unemployment rate is 5,3%.

On September 1, 2015 with the assistance of employment agencies 28532 person of the addressed 39,913 were employed, or 71,5%. 39169 jobs are opened, including 18971 permanent jobs.

Incomes of population. Average nominal income of the population - 37,304 tenge in the I-quarter of 2015 and increased compared to the I-quarter of 2014 by 7,7%. Real money income index was 101,2%.

Healthcare. There are 2,9 bln. tenge were allocated from the budget for the construction and reconstruction of 26 health facilities.

There are 1,1386 bln. tenge were provided from the regional budget for the repair of 17 health facilities.

There are 1345,6 mln. tenge were provided from the local budget for strenthening of material-technical base.

Public health institutions network includes 859 facilities, including 101hospitals, 243 out-patient clinics, 229 clinics, 270 medical and ambulatory points, 16 other organizations.

Education. There are 1465 pre-school institutions in the region (including 913 kindergardens, 552 mini-centers, which is visited by 158,9 thd. children.

Coverage of children with preschool education (from 1 year to 6 years) is 45.9%, according to "Balapan" program (3 to 6 years) – 78,5%.

In the 2014-2015 academic year there are 1022 secondary schools in the region with a contingent of 573,1 thd. students.

All 1022 schools of general education 1017 have telephones and 1016 connected to the Internet. The schools have 36,0 thousand units of computer equipment, or 1 computer per 16 students on average (in 2014 - 11 students).

For distance learning 262 schools are connected via satellite educational television. In 592 schools 1390 interactive whiteboards are established.

Preparation of specialists is carried out 97 colleges (42 of them - the state). with a contingent of 77.1 thousand students (including state colleges - 40.6 thousand people.).

The training of highly qualified personnel carried out by 11 higher education institutions (of which 3 are state). They trained 74,6 thousand students, including those in public universities - 21,8 thd. people.

Culture. There are 752 cultural and art objects in the region, including 427 libraries, 25 museums (incl. 11 branches), 266 club establishments, 8 theaters, 11 recreational parks, 1 circus and other objects.

Sport. There are 5042 sport facilities in the region, including 22 stadiums, 3656 plane constructions, which allows for mass sports and recreational activities among the population, including young students. The number of people engaged in sports was 586,7 thd. people, or 21,0% of the total population.

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