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Water resources

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Due to the fact that our region is agricultural and lands are irrigated in accordance with the instructions of akim of the region A.Myrzahmetova to engage into the irrigated land turnover left from the turnover lands, conducted a survey and inventory of channels that are used for irrigation of the land as a result of identified water infrastructure that primarily need to be restored, and work was done on their recovery efficiency.

As a result of the recovery efficiency of water bodies conducted within 3 years from 447,415 hectares of irrigated land 103,691 hectares of coming out irrigated land again involved into agricultural turnover. Also in 2011 works to restore performance of 128 channels of 872 km. length, 31 collectors of 212 km. length, 6 reservoirs and 73 wells, as a result water supply to 26,661 hectares of irrigated land was improved. In 2012, repairs works were carried out in 3 reservoirs, 3 dams, 104 channels with a total length of 874 km and 166 reservoirs with a total length of 450 km. As a result water supply to 36,886 hectares of irrigated land were improved and 915 hectares of land were brought under cultivation.

The total number of reservoirs located in the South Kazakhstan region is 41 units, 20 of which are republic property, 13 are regional communal property, 1 is in a district municipal property, private ownership - 7.

In order to prevent the emergency situation caused by floods in 2011, capital repair of reservoirs of Bakyrly, Aksumbe in Sozaksom area, Kulan in Tyulkubas area and Tekesu, Akzhar, Aschy reservoirs located in Tolebi area, and in 2012 capital repair works on Kokibel, Agana Kazygurt reservoirs located in the area were carried out and Maydantal reservoir located in the city of Turkestan.

In order to maintain water objects and water facilities in the state corresponding to the sanitary and environmental requirements, to prevent pollution and depletion of surface water, as well as the conservation of flora and fauna water protection zones and lines are installed.

In South Kazakhstan oblast there are 122 rivers with a total length of 4700 km. On 4,437 km of which is necessary to establish protection zones and lines.

In the years 2005-2011 water protection zones and lines for 60 rivers were established with a total length of 1952 km and in 2012 to 32 rivers with a total length of 745 km.

Published on: 29.09.2015 - 17:41:58
Updated on: 25.05.2016 - 11:12:52
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